I'm done with freelance

no mas

As the title suggests. I’m done with freelance.

In the beginning of my career I had no work experience and desperately wanted a job. So I would take on projects for free or next to nothing just to gain experience building and shipping websites. At that point in my life it was the logical thing to do. Now however, the story is a bit different.

I’ve been lucky enough to find my way through this job market and have learned a lot along the way. I’m 5 years into my career as a web developer and I now know that I’m not interested in doing these side projects for people anymore.

I’m tired of people asking me to help them with a website or asking me to help them build an app.

I’m tired of working first and getting paid last.

I’m tired of working first and getting paid nothing.

I’m tired of leaving work to go home, only to start working again.

I’ve had so many ideas over the years that I’ve put on hold because a freelance project would appear before me that for some reason I felt I couldn’t say no to.

I’m now saying no to all of them.

Some might say that I should consider myself lucky to have a nice stream of freelance work coming in. If I didn’t have a full-time job then I’d of course be excited about some freelance work. We all got bills to pay.

But for me at this point in my career I’m not interested in freelance. Sure would it be nice to have some extra money? Of course.

But that requires me sacrificing my time which lately I’ve been putting more and more value into.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with all this free time I’m about to get back but it will be nice not having to worry about other peoples problems or being messaged late at night about a problem I really don’t care about.

Bye bye freelance!